Power Motion Shutters

Superb light control and total privacy at your finger tips!

Fantastic for fans of time saving, home changing, gadgets, we’re proud to introduce PowerMotion from S:CRAFT. This fantastic optional extra controls the shutters so that you don’t have to. Control the light with the flick of a switch on either a remote control or via a smartphone app or use the manual override for traditional usage.

The sleek motor works for the more gadget minded and is a time saving device that is perfect for hard to reach areas. Alternatively, PowerMotion is ideal for larger installations that aren’t practical to keep tilting by hand.

PowerMotion boasts a discreet motor that will disengage if something gets in the way of the louvres. This built-in jam protection makes it a great choice for family homes with younger children, and the inquisitive little fingers that may get in the way when trying to close the shutters at bedtime.

Available in most of our ranges and installation styles, whether French door, special shape, gable end or bay window, PowerMotion is the choice for you, helping you get the most from your shutters, with no extra effort. The right light levels are now just a button away.

Key features:
– Available in all our shutter materials (except Java and Portchester)
– Lithium ion batteries with integrated solar strip to extend battery life
– Rechargeable via mini USB
– 8 pre-programmed louvre positions
– Manual override – operate by hand if desired
– Built-in jam prevention device for maximum child safety
– Only available with Silent Tilt

Furthermore, to find out more about the power motion shutter please call our office now on 01423 544676.

Power Motion Automated Shutters

AutoClose – The fully-integrated mechanism that closes the louvres, so you don’t have to!

AutoClose is a practical built in feature that will save time closing louvres after a long tiring day, reducing the chances of damaged louvres caused by overzealous operation.

Great for shutters that cover large expanses, such as room dividers, wardrobes and patio doors, the AutoClose optional extra from S:CRAFT is available in Cuba, Samoa and Fiji – all our hardwood ranges.

There’s no need to manually close the louvres on your shutters, as simply using the convenient ring pull will do it for you. This optional extra makes life that little bit easier. Now you can save time, minimise effort and protect your louvres instantly with AutoClose!

Key features:
– Saves you time
– Reduces risk of damaged louvres
– Great for tracks
– Available in 5 louvre widths
– Available in hardwood materials (Cuba, Fiji and Samoa)

Power Motion Automated Shutters with AutoClose

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