Cafe Style Shutters

Super stylish, chic and a popular choice in sitting rooms and bathrooms.

The Cafe style shutter covers the bottom half of the window, usually at half height. The frame is usually only 3 sided, the 2 sides and the bottom.

Cafe style shutters offer great privacy whilst allowing maximum light through the top of the window.

Accordingly, this style of shutter is commonly seen in Georgian and Victorian townhouses.

Many period buildings have high ceilings and wooden sash windows and in this situation these Cafe style shutters add a huge sense of drama and style to the room.

Options for the Cafe style shutters include: –

  • Centre tilt rod or silent tilt
  • 47mm, 63mm, 76mm or 89mm louvres
  • MDF, hardwood or ABS.

Furthermore, to find out more about this type of plantation shutter please call one of our friendly team on 01423 544676.