Plantation Shutters in
Harrogate North Yorkshire

The Shutter Emporium supply and fit the finest quality window plantation shutters in Harrogate North Yorkshire as well as all surrounding areas.

We have a dedicated team of consultants and specialist fitters who will work with you to create a design that will blend seamlessly with your interior and will remain timeless in either a contemporary or classic home.

Use Plantation Shutters to control light, privacy, security and insulation

As well as adding a refined touch to your home interior, Plantation Shutters are also a fantastic means of controlling light, room temperature, levels of privacy and additional home security. Plantation Shutters will also add value to your home.

What are interior window plantation shutters?

What are Plantation Shutters and how can they benefit my home?

When plantation shutters are closed they offer a wonderful degree of warmth as well as providing added privacy and protection to your home. When opened, they create a sense of luxury and spaciousness whilst still giving you unhindered external views.

Plantation Shutters will certainly help to further insulate your home thus reducing energy bills and will also add value to your home – they are a desirable fixture to any would-be buyer and they are the only permanent fixture that will remain in your home when it is sold.

Providing a low maintenance alternative covering for windows and doors, plantation shutters are low maintenance and offer significant benefits over curtains and blinds.

What do wooden plantation shutters look like?

There are two types of window plantation shutters, known either as “louvered” (slated) or “solid”.

Plantation shutters can be slatted in the same way as blinds. The slats, known as louvers, can be opened and closed however this is where the similarity ends. Blinds are generally made of cheaper materials that have neither the longevity nor many of the other features associated with plantation shutters.

Plantation shutters are most often made of solid hardwood although they are also available in composite wood.

Unlike blinds and shades plantation shutters don’t lift or raise up and down. They’re made with slats (usually horizontal) that are made-to-measure and mounted on a solid frame. The louvers can then be tilted in manually to a desired position to regulate light, aof louvres for the bottom half of the window.

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