Money saving tips for January

Money Saving Tips

Anything you can do to make your home more energy efficient will save you money on your heating bills. What would happen if there was a solution that could reduce your energy bills and add a huge amount of style to your home at the same time?

You may be losing 25-50% of the energy you are putting into heating your home through your windows!

We have conducted a survey amongst our customers about their plantation shutters and what they like the most about them. Surprisingly, many have said they did not expect the shutters to make such a difference to the temperature of their room. They keep your room warmer in winter and cooler in summer!

To get some inspiration and ideas of how shutters can transform your home you can download your free plantation shutter guide here.

Our plantation shutters form an additional barrier to draughts and sunlight and can also be fully opened to allow maximum sunlight through if required. Simply by adjusting the louvres, you may be able to increase the temperature of your room without adjusting your heating.

Our plantation shutters come with a 3 year guarantee and are more affordable than many people imagine.

We can also spread the payments out over an interest free period.

​Free Design Visit

For a free design visit at your home and to find out more please click here.

25% Discount End January 31st

We are offering a new year bonus with 25% discount off any orders placed before the end of January. After this time the prices will return to normal so now is the time to take action!

We can offer you a price over the phone or by email or we can even come to you.

Please click here to receive a quote.

I look forward to speaking to you soon.

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