Interior window shutters

Interior Window Shutters

What are interior window shutters?

One question that we receive quite regularly is what is the correct name for your shutters? Some refer to them as plantation shutters or plantation blinds but the most common term is interior window shutters.

They come in various different styles, colours and materials. the most common are full height shutters, cafe style shutters, tier on tier shutters and special shaped shutters such as round or triangular. Our shutters come in two different types of wood MDF or hardwood. MDF shutters are a lot heavier but offer more value for money than the hardwood. However, hardwood shutters come in a larger selection of colours and are a lot lighter meaning they are more suitable for larger windows as they do not place as much strain on the hinges. There are various different sizes of louvres to choose from. We recommend that the bigger the window the bigger the size of louvre! The majority of our clients go for a white or off white and tend to use stronger colour schemes on the walls, however we can supply your interior window shutters in any colour you like.

Full Height Shutters

These interior window shutters cover the full length of the window and are popular in bedrooms where full privacy is needed. See more here. You can choose how many panels you want in the window, i.e. you can have 2 panels that open like doors or 4 panels the bifold with 2 each side of the window when open.

Cafe Style Shutters

Cafe style interior window shutters cover only the bottom half of the window and usually has a 3 sided frame covering the bottom and two sides. Very popular for adding privacy to a ground floor room and works out a lot cheaper than full height shutters. See more here.




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