Interior window shutters

Interior Window Shutters

What are interior window shutters?

One question that we receive quite regularly is what is the correct name for your shutters? Some refer to them as plantation shutters or plantation blinds but the most common term is interior window shutters.

They come in various different styles, colours and materials. the most common are full height shutters, cafe style shutters, tier on tier shutters and special shaped shutters such as round or triangular. Our shutters come in two different types of wood MDF or hardwood. MDF shutters are a lot heavier but offer more value for money than the hardwood. However, hardwood shutters come in a larger selection of colours and are a lot lighter meaning they are more suitable for larger windows as they do not place as much strain on the hinges. There are various different sizes of louvres to choose from. We recommend that the bigger the window the bigger the size of louvre! The majority of our clients go for a white or off white and tend to use stronger colour schemes on the walls, however we can supply your interior window shutters in any colour you like.

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Shutters Harrogate Sale

Shutters Harrogate Sale

If you are looking for plantation shutters Harrogate there is no better time. Our 25% sale has begun and if you order before 10th October you will receive your shutters Harrogate in time for christmas. We supply cafe style shutters Harrogate which are great for bay windows in living rooms allowing plenty of light in whilst also providing great privacy. We recently installed some beautiful shutters Harrogate on West end Avenue near the stray. This area has become a very popular street for shutters Harrogate. Many of the houses have cafe style shutters Harrogate on the ground floor and full height shutters in the bedrooms above.

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Shutter Emporium opens in West London

Plantation Shutters West London


The shutter Emporium is pleased to announce that it’s now open for business in West London.

To-date, much of our business has focussed upon the north of England however for the past six months we’ve been installing plantation shutters across West London several times each week. In order to maintain the highest quality of service that we aspire to deliver it was a natural decision to have a permanent team based in London.

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Shutters Leeds Now Available

Shutters Leeds

We are delighted to announce that we now cover the Leeds area with our plantation shutters. Plantation shutters Leeds are now becoming very popular especially in Headingley, where there are lots of victorian properties with huge bay windows where cafe style and full height shutters look fantastic and offer a great amount of privacy and style.

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A guide to choosing the right plantation shutters for your home

Are plantation Shutters the right choice for your windows?

Plantation Shutters are versatile and generally less expensive than custom window draperies. They can also increase the value of your property. Plantation Shutters are one of the few window treatments that can be factored into the sale of your home. Why is this? Because they are highly desirable and usually stay within your home when it’s sold.

Plantation Shutters are more versatile than curtains, more durable than fabric blinds and are great for allergy sufferers.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters have slats (known as ‘Louvers’) that can rotate open and closed to give you flexible control over light levels within your room and are very popular within kitchens, lounges, snugs and dining rooms.

Custom Made Shutters

The Shutter Emporium can help you to create the look you’ve always wanted, whether it’s contemporary and sleek, traditional or colourful.

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Money saving tips for January

Money Saving Tips

Anything you can do to make your home more energy efficient will save you money on your heating bills. What would happen if there was a solution that could reduce your energy bills and add a huge amount of style to your home at the same time?

You may be losing 25-50% of the energy you are putting into heating your home through your windows!

We have conducted a survey amongst our customers about their plantation shutters and what they like the most about them. Surprisingly, many have said they did not expect the shutters to make such a difference to the temperature of their room. They keep your room warmer in winter and cooler in summer!

To get some inspiration and ideas of how shutters can transform your home you can download your free plantation shutter guide here.

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